8 Steps for conducting fantastic marketing campaigns that deliver great sales

My recent post about Mercedes Benz’s recent Twitter campaign resulting in 600 sales in 8 hours got a huge response, I had people from across the Globe asking how to run an effective marketing campaign, over the years, I have seen the good, the bad and the terrible in terms of marketing campaigns, some costing millions yet completely ineffective and some costing a fraction of that and delivered tremendous results, the steps below are the framework which should constitute the fundamentals of a successful marketing campaign:

1- Decide on your proposition to the market, what is your product, why is it unique or indeed exclusive, more importantly how will it appeal to the emotion, to the WANT rather than the NEED.

2- Who is your target audience, in doing so, find out the socio-demographics, buying trends, who are you competitors, why are they successful, what can you do differently in a genuine stand-out way rather than cheesy or pushy sales tactics.

3. Preparation, by the far this is the most important stage, you need to prepare your message, channel to market, frequency, coverage and audience reach.

4. Exclusivity, if you have an exclusive product or service, then you have hit the jackpot, if your product or service is a must-have, be it for convenience, emotions, social status, then your whole message must center around that, furthermore everyone wants exclusivity, this will satisfy one of the strongest buying motivators, I call it the law of social supremacy, have you ever thought why a ball signed by Messi or Ronaldo or a guitar signed by Paul McCartney is worth so much more, because it is exclusive and people are will to pay for it.

5. Patience, don’t launch into market straight away, get your audience warmed up, tease them, build up the hype, the anticipation, make them wait, Napoleon Bonaparte said, to lose is to lose battle.

6. Timing, please ensure that when you deliver the message and you reveal your golden nugget, your audience have not ran out of patience or lost interest in waiting for it, also give consideration to different timing zones if you are launching Globally.

7. Measure, you need to have an effective way of measuring your ROI (Return On Investment) be it you are running a tactical/sales campaign or to increase Brand awareness either Globally, Regionally or Nationally.

8. Cultural Understanding,, what might work in Europe is not necessarily going to work in the USA, Middle East or South America, not only do you need to know your audience but also the habits and culture norms for each of your markets.

I hope the above helps in designing, planning (the most important part), implementing and measuring your marketing campaigns.

If you have any comments, I would like to hear from you, please write to me directly at the email below.

Till then, keep smiling

Kind Regards

Alan Whaley

Managing Director