Hello Everyone

When was the last time you looked forward to reading and analysing your CSI figures?

It is astonishing that three letters are literally determining the fortunes of Vehicle Manufacturers and Importers/Dealer Groups across the Globe, not just in terms of market share, but also in terms of Brand values and recognitions, Profitability, Customer loyalty and referrals to name but few.

Customers are utilising various social media platforms not only to voice their opinions publicly in terms of their experiences but also to determine their major purchase decisions, just few clicks from dissatisfied Customers can lead to many others staying away and choosing other Brands.

Needless to say, CSI will be a thing of the past very soon, only to be replaced by CDI (Customer Delight Index) as demands, expectations and choices for customers rise further.

To make matters worse, when was the last time you engaged a Management Consultancy company only to be told what you already know without adding any value or finding real solutions?

We are market leaders within the Automotive industry with proven track record in moving  companies CSI scoring (Sales ad Aftersales) from bottom 10 to upper quartile, our approach is different as we have no-nonsense, realistic and value-add approach whilst being very transparent in terms of our methods and value for money, we provide fix-cost projects without any long term commitments for our Clients to use our service for as long or as short as they wish, we are a progressive company that will achieve results and will work extremely hard to prove our worthwhile.

Why not take advantage of our current offer of 2 days engagement for the price of one, during which, we will carry out an initial assessment of your key areas and provide you with a comprehensive report in terms of way forward and how to reach your desired goals.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

Alan Whaley


Managing Director