Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Far East, Pacific Rim


Corporate Overview:

We provide world-class services in accordance to our clients’ needs. This could range from implementing basic business logics to resolving and improving complex issues.

We are able to deliver consistently due to our expertise knowledge, global research, consulting capabilities, realistic approach and total understanding of our client’s business.

Our Philosophy:

We listen actively and work in partnership with our clients to gain knowledge and insight into their business. Only then will we collectively achieve success in a consistent and sustained manner by designing and implementing practical solutions.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to become market leaders by relentlessly delighting our clients, anticipating their executive, strategical and operational needs and executing superior and outstanding services through investment in our people and facilities; to become experts in our field, forging partnership with the clients we work for and leveraging our unsurpassed knowledge of the global markets we operate within.

Vision and Values:

We are totally committed, determined and focused to become market leaders with a portfolio of internationally well respected clients by offering unsurpassed services, expertise and value for money.

We are bound and committed to operate within strict legal and ethical guidelines. We care for our clients and build long-term relationships with them, forging close and mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners. We will attract, train, develop and strive to satisfy and retain quality employees. We will continue to exploit technology and advance our expertise in conjunction with our market requirements and high expectations.

Brand Values:

GLA’s Brand Values stem from our passion and dedication to provide our clients with services and products that will add value to their business and achieve their Desired Future State.
To summarise, we operate within our Brand Values as follows:

Added Value:
Delivering and sustaining Desired Future State to all our clients.

We deliver Improved Business Performance by designing and implementing practical and realistic solutions.

Sharing our knowledge:
We implement Best Practices, sharing our global knowledge, utilising our capabilities driven by our expert teams with up-to-date knowledge and know-how.

Synergy and Partnership:
We understand and accommodate different cultures and working practices of our client’s businesses.

Uncompromising Integrity:
Always working with trust and integrity and building long terms relationships with all our clients.

Our People:

Our people comprises of hand selected teams with excellent qualifications, expanding experience and complementary skills. They have been working together from the inception of GLA and demonstrated an increasing ability to understand the dynamics of the various markets we operate within. We continuously stretch and improve their operational and strategical skills by practicing what we preach.

Our Strategy:

Based on the notion that “nobody is smarter than everybody” and sharing best practices across the industries we serve, we have instilled the culture that nourishes and encourages a proactive and team-based methodology, which enhances the effectiveness of our operations on a global level.

Serving our current portfolio of loyal clientele by expanding and capitalising on our past experience and extensive knowledge within the areas we operate in, is an essential ingredient to the continuous success of our organisation.

We are very optimistic of the future, and are eagerly looking forward to take on new challenges as they present themselves, assuring our clients once more that we will strive to exceed their expectations by serving their needs comprehensively in an efficient and professional manner.

Corporate Responsibilities:

Commitment to corporate responsibility, both in principle and practice, is an absolute prerequisite for achieving and sustaining our vision. It is as much a key to our future as the sweeping changes we are now pursuing to serve our clients better, faster and more cost effectively.

We believe that excellence in all areas of corporate responsibility has now become even more demanding than ever. Managing issues in a way that accounts for and integrates various social, civic, economic and environmental factors is now a basic competency for any leading company in the ever-growing global market.

Companies and leaders who build this thinking into their corporate culture will gain invaluable insights that competitors miss. We will build stronger relationships with our clients and will be able to see farther ahead than others.

This is our mindset, and it reflects the approach we always take with all corporate responsibilities and issues, from environmental stewardship, public health, safety to community engagement and corporate governance.

Equal Opportunities:

GLA aims to be an equal-opportunity business in all activities related to employment, benefits, compensation, training and advancement. GLA does not discriminate because of race, colour, age, sex, marital status, religion or religious beliefs, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or any other basis.